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Brittany H
TV Sports Announcer

David is hands down the best tutor I have ever had….and I had just about tried EVERYONE. He started tutoring me in high school and it carried all the way through college, till my graduation day. The running joke is that he’s the reason I was able to graduate while playing a collegiate sport full time. I don’t know anyone else that is as kind and knowledgeable as he is. He takes the time for you to understand the material, while applying it in easy-to-understand terms. Go with David! You’ll thank me later! 

Kelley L
UCSC Senior

Firstly, David Resnik is by far one of the best tutors I have experienced throughout my academic career. I have always struggled with math and history in middle school and high school until I had the pleasure to get tutored by David. A family friend suggested him and I have never been disappointed since our first lesson.

David can help with any subject I throw at him ranging from anthropology to math to biology. One thing I noticed about other tutors I have had in the past was that they just wanted to give a superficial lesson and not take the time to explain things in order to just get paid in the end. However, David actually cares. He has given me a deep understanding and has worked with me until 1am working on homework and projects. That is how dedicated he is to his students.

He is extremely accommodating and will tutor at the pace you feel most comfortable with and is very meticulous every step of the way. David allowed me to understand math in an entirely different perspective, to the point where I was the one helping my classmates with their problems and to progress to the place I am today with my academics because without him, I would of most likely given up.

I am currently a senior in college and still call David till this day to get tutored by him when I am struggling and need help. College papers are not always the easiest but with David beside you, you know you can achieve your very best. He is amazing at creating strong thorough papers from the very beginning all the way to the end. I always acquired honor-level grades when I had David to help me learn and expand my knowledge and knew to never expect anything less because I understood the information extremely well.

He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know and would recommend him to everyone and anyone. He is a big part of the reason that I will walk the stage in Spring 2017! Pick David to be your tutor and watch your grades skyrocket and academic success progress!

Mike V, J.D.

Leeron P, Esquire

Luke W.

Student at UCLA


College Freshman

David helped me all throughout my 4 years of high school. He is the best tutor I have come across because he helped me understand and retain the information taught. He is not only the smartest tutor i know, but the friendliest! If you need a helpful, kind, and just awesome tutor, call David!

I had the pleasure of having David tutor me during both high school and college. I was one of those kids who could not pay attention and lost interest when I studied mathematics. Once I started working with David all of that changed. He made math easy by making me understand not just how to arrive at the right answer but how and why it was. He taught me the mechanics behind the material which made it easier and thus more enjoyable. He helped me turn my poor grades into A's in algebra, geometry Algebra 2 and even Calculus!


In addition he helped me with numerous political science papers and tests at UCLA, for which I received A's on all assignments.


David is not only an incredible tutor and a genius but he is a genuinely amazing human being who cared about my learning and grades. He wanted to turn my issues with studying into a "success story" which as a law school graduate I believe I have achieved. Having David Resnik as your tutor is not only a necessity if you need academic help, it is also a privilege and a joy.

I initially met David in 2007 when he tutored me in Algebra 2. He was thorough in his explanations and made sure to break down each and every step that I had to take in order to get the right answer. The best part of getting tutored by David is that he actually cares about his students learning the material. When the SATs came around, I knew David was the man to go to. His tutoring led to my very high SAT score and my acceptance into UCLA. Once in college, I had to take Calculus of which David helped me exceed in. I received an A in the course. In addition, David tutored me in one of the most difficult courses of my undergraduate education, political statistics. I received not just an A but an A+ due to David's help! I ended up pursuing law and graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Southwestern Law School and am now an Attorney. Even when David was not tutoring me, he acted as my mentor. His insight and advice has gotten me through some of my most difficult times throughout my extensive education. You will not regret hiring David as your or your child's tutor. He is simply the best!

David is such a patient teacher.  He not only helped me get through the semester, but he truly helped me understand all the material thoroughly.  I highly recommend him.

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